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Superextension  09/2013


Small project designed and built in collaboration with two other architecture studios - Archholiks and Mimo Architekti. It was a part of the Bratislava Design Week event and the hosting garden is behind our Randvatri office, which is under one roof with many other quite interesting activities hidden under the name Foaje.
Foaje, containing the smallest cinema in the city, was the start point  for the whole thing. Long story short, it is a temporary extension of that spaces, stealing a bit of the garden, without touching the ground.

A very simple concept, certainly not a milestone in architecture (saving that for next year, hah). 40 meters long beams penetrating the garden, forming a tunnel and aiming on the biggest window located approximately 4 meters above the ground. Making no sounds, having no use, just hanging there. A concept unharmed by the building process. If we would make a small scale model of it first, it wouldn't be much different from the real thing. Apart from the scale of course.

Whenever there will be another chance to turn a clean concept into reality, without ruining it with walls, doors, windows, kitchen and furniture, we will not hesitate for a second.

And we were so glad to answer the most frequent questions during the preparations with NO...
No, it does not do anything.
No, it is finished.
No, that's all.

In the end, it did a lot !
Thanks for coming.


Thanks Foaje for the garden ;)

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